Promoting the comprehensive development of our employees. G4-LA10, G4-LA12 / GC III

Our People are what sets FEMSA head and shoulders above the rest. Their comprehensive advancement and professional growth also represent the growth and evolution of the entire organization. In 2016, we invested $1,555 million MXN (USD $75.4 million) in Our People distributed as follows:

Investment in Our People:

Culture and Values
Training and Development

At FEMSA, we strive to give everyone who works at the company the tools they need to develop themselves with excellence on a professional and personal level, while promoting healthy workplaces and a working environment that improves with every passing day. People that are satisfied and committed is what makes us achieve the results that we have set for the business.

In 2017, we will continue to strengthen this vision, integrating it into the various cultures and operations derived from our organic and non-organic growth, focusing on the three areas of action that make up the Our People pillar: Culture and Values, Training and Development and Comprehensive Development.

Culture and Values
We promote a culture of leadership that responds to the need for global growth.

The culture of leadership we encourage among our employees enables us to fulfill our mission in every country where we are present.

Through the FEMSA Leadership Model1 we make sure that our employees, at all levels of the company, have the necessary skills to contribute to our Business Strategy. In 2016, we continued the process of reviewing competencies, leadership styles and performance measurement tools.

1  FEMSA Leadership Model competencies:
a. Impeccable execution
b. Selling the vision
c. Talent development
d. Leadership for change
e.  Cultural adaptability
f. Client focus
g. Developing strategic relationships
h. Innovation
i. Strategic leadership

Training and Development G4-LA6, G4-LA10
We are focused on strengthening the skills of our employees so they can respond to current and future challenges and achieve their highest potential as professionals and individuals.

We encourage the training and development of our employees by giving them the tools they need to acquire and build upon the skills and know-how to face changing environments.

In 2016 we made some changes at FEMSA University, through which we promote a culture of self-development by making online and in-person courses available to our employees, along with other tools to strengthen their leadership skills and technical knowledge. As part of the improvements, we expanded the number of courses available and worked to make the virtual platform more accessible and friendly to the more than 120,000 employees that currently use it.

SASSO is a system in constant evolution that allows us to apply the necessary measures to ensure more secure and healthier workplaces.”

Rubén Ángel Montemayor Fuentes
Human Resources Manager at Imbera and PTM

More than 186,000 employees received training through 13,260 courses in 2016. We will continue focusing our efforts on the pursuit of the continuous improvement, so that our course offering and learning experiences are appropriate to the development of our employees, the driving force in our growth across 12 countries.

Another top priority for FEMSA is the health and safety of our employees. We are convinced that by improving working conditions we not only benefit them, their families and the communities around us, but we grow stronger as a company as well. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to improving their safety with increasingly safe and healthy workplaces.

During 2016, more than 81,000 volunteer employees participated in our activities.

As part of this commitment, FEMSA carries out all its activities according to the strictest safety standards, while working to improve quality of life for our employees. To this end, for 10 years now all the Business Units operate according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration System (SASSO, for its acronym in Spanish), which integrates all of FEMSA’s strategies in its various businesses and countries in the area of occupational health, hygiene and safety.

Through this system, we promote a culture of prevention and protection for every one of our employees, while establishing safe processes and procedures for them, the company’s property, and the environment.

Through SASSO, we have implemented 20 occupational health programs in our work centers in the following fields of action:

  • Healthy employees prepared to face new health threats
  • Health services focused on present and future needs
  • Healthy employees and families in a healthy community
  • Healthy employees in safe and healthy workplaces

FEMSA University
Number of employees trained

Our operations also incorporate international standards and practices like those of the World Health Organization (WHO), and of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

We work to ensure that our workplaces are fully inclusive and create equal opportunities for all. We consolidated the implementation of the Universal Accessibility and Design Program (UADP), which aims at achieving the highest degree of accessibility so that all persons, regardless of their physical capacities, can enjoy free, autonomous and safe movement throughout our facilities.

Comprehensive Development
We promote wellness and quality of life for our employees and their families, and encourage them to contribute positively to their communities.

Comprehensive development, improved wellness and quality of life for FEMSA employees make it possible for all of us to help create value.

We understand that our employees’ advancement takes place both within and outside the company, so we continue to work on implementing the FEMSA Social Development System, through which we operate on seven dimensions of the comprehensive development of Our People:

At FEMSA we generate value for our employees, their families and the community. Through the FEMSA Volunteer Network, we implemented actions focused on four lines of action: education and employability, health, environment and community support and legality.

During 2016, more than 81,000 volunteer employees of the FEMSA Volunteer Network participated in 1,927 community benefit activities. This amounted to more than 400,000 volunteer hours were added during the year.

In 2016, the Accident Index decreased by 46% compared to 2015.

Creating conditions that improve quality of life for our employees is a vital part of how we generate social value. With this in mind, we designed the Comprehensive Quality of Life System, which based on diagnostics and qualitative and quantitative information, allows us to obtain an overview of our progress in this area.

One of our main sources of information for this system is the FEMSA Organizational Climate survey, which was applied to more than 90,000 employees in 2016 and is applied every two years in each of our work centers. This diagnosis measures the degree of satisfaction of the employees in their work and helps us to determine improvement actions.

Accident rate

General diseases rate

Indexes are based on the number of incidents per 100 employees, calculated on the number of FEMSA direct employees reported to SASSO. Includes information on all countries.

Talent G4-10, G4-LA12

Our competitive advantage for ensuring Sustainability as part of our Business Strategy

The talent and value that our people provide every day are what make our goals a reality. Therefore, it is important for us that our employees find in this organization a place where they can develop and maximize their potential, aspiring that every one of them to evolve alongside FEMSA.

We are convinced that every one of us who works in this organization is responsible for developing our talent, and that this is a fundamental aspect to continue growing in accordance with our Business Strategy.

Employees per country/ region

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