G4-56 / GC I, II, V and X

The way in which we meet objectives and generate results is as important as what we propose to do, which is why Our Ethics and Values represent the compass that guides the creation of economic and social value.

“Respect for human dignity is above all economic considerations.”
— Don Eugenio Garza Sada

FEMSA’s Mission
To generate economic and social value through business enterprises and institutions.

FEMSA’s Mission

  • We satisfy the consumers of goods and services with excellence.
  • We double the value of our businesses every five years.
  • We are diversified in markets that privilege high growth potential.
  • We are leaders in the markets where we operate.
  • We positively transform the communities where we participate.
  • We are the best place to work.

FEMSA’s Values
Our operations and decisions are guided by four values that govern the way we behave within and outside of the company:

  • Respect and comprehensive development of employees
  • Integrity and austerity
  • Passion for customer service
  • Creation of social value

We firmly believe that our world requires organizations and individuals that are committed to society, which is why we work to build a Culture of Lawfulness, respecting the laws of every country where we are present, operating honestly and with a zero-tolerance attitude toward corruption, because only in this way can we truly embody the mission of our company.

To strengthen this area, in 2016 we evolved the concepts of the Business Code of Ethics, and expressly developed FEMSA’s Anti-Corruption Policy, which takes effect in 2017 and applies to the entire organization. This Policy explicitly sets forth the behavior the company and its employees must follow to avoid situations involving corruption.

Since 2005 we have been signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, through which we pledge to follow and promote its 10 principles in FEMSA and in all its Business Units, relating to human rights, labor practices, the environment, and anti-corruption.

Also, since 2013 we have been active members of Hagámoslo Bien1, a citizens’ movement created in Monterrey, Mexico, by companies, schools, universities, non-profit organizations, the media and government, all of them convinced of the need to create a society that works under the principles of a Culture of Lawfulness, which we also promote within FEMSA. Also, our Business Units have various training and awareness-building actions in this matter for their employees.


We work to share our culture to all our employees.

FEMSA’s Code of Business Ethics
G4-56, G4-57, G4-58, G4-EN34, G4-LA16, G4-HR3, G4-HR12, G4-SO3, G4-SO5, G4-SO11, G4-PR8, GC VI

At FEMSA, we seek to be consistent in our words and actions. We are convinced that adherence to ethics determines the way we conduct our business activities. We therefore have several resources that guide us toward ethical behavior.

The many enviroments under which we operate from country to country challenge us every day to live by our Code of Business Ethics. To keep it up to date, we review it every year, making sure it appropriately establishes the conduct and behavior all of us in the company must follow, both at work and in our daily lives, on the foundations of respect, honesty and integrity.

This document governs FEMSA’s relationship with its clients, employees, competitors, suppliers, authorities, community and the environment, the advertising and marketing generated by our Business Units, its position of zero tolerance for corruption, its promotion of workplace health and safety, and its handling of information and conflict of interest.2

2  The situations not foreseen in the Code of Ethics, will be solved according to a criterion of best practices of administration. In case of doubt, the Human Resources area, Internal Audit or, ultimately, the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors will be consulted. (G4-57)

In 2016, among the updated sections, we can find:

  • Political Contributions
  • Supplier Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Whistleblower System

One of the mechanisms for guaranteeing compliance with FEMSA’s Code of Business Ethics is our Whistleblower System, through which we can be informed of any illegal practices, inappropriate conduct or violations of the Code of Ethics detected in our operations. Also, possible situations involving any type of risk, corruption, and privacy and human rights violations are identified.

This system, which is managed by an independent entity, is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, open to both employees and stakeholders, and offers four different confidential, anonymous channels: phone, webpage, e-mail and chat.

To reinforce the ethics and values-related practices, we continue to work to make sure all of us at FEMSA are clear about our culture and our commitment to ethical action. We will also continue strengthening mechanisms to spread and promote our values and the Whistleblower System among our employees and stakeholders wherever we operate.

The experience of our ethics and values, as well as compliance with laws and regulations in all places where we operate, is a fundamental part of the commitment we have to achieve our goal of creating value.”

José González Ornelas
Vice President of Administration and Corporate Control at FEMSA

Corporate Governance

Operating by reliable, transparent processes has enabled us to grow, position ourselves and evolve as a successful company for more than 125 years. This strenght reflects our good Corporate Governance practices, focused without exception on guaranteeing value creation for all our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance is the set of rules, procedures and standards that govern FEMSA. Its highest body of governance is the Board of Directors, which is based in Mexico. It is this body that approves the nomination and appointment of the Chief Executive Officer. It is also responsible for regulating the organization through the Code of Ethics, because the Board oversees that it is complied with to the fullest extent, as well as for overseeing the proper management of the company through its three support committees: The Audit Committee, Corporate Practices Committee, and Finance and Planning Committee.

Our corporate practices are bound by the laws of the countries where we operate, as well as the corporate governance standards established in the Mexican Securities Market Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley law and U.S. securities and exchange laws for foreign issuers. We also abide by national and international principles of corporate governance and ethics.

The issue related to compliance with the laws and regulations of all the places where we do business is part of a commitment that all of those who work at FEMSA, have to achieve our goal: to generate value.

For more information concerning our corporate governance practices, as well as the participation and voting rights of our minority shareholders, visit: en/meet-femsa/corporate-governance/board-directors

The Culture of Lawfulness is part of our way of being.

Our philosophy and values are based on the 17 principles that make up the Cuauhtémoc Ideology, promoted by Don Eugenio Garza Sada, which provides practical guidelines for putting our Ethics and Values into practice.

This ideology has become more and more prevalent, and at FEMSA, we take it as an indispensable guide in our professional and personal development.

The 17 principles are:

I.   Recognize the merit in others
II.   Control your temper
III.   Never mock others
IV.   Be polite
V.   Be tolerant
VI.   Be punctual
VII.   If you are vain, you must control it
VIII.   Do not alter the truth
IX.   Let others speak
X.   Express yourself concisely
XI.   Depurate your vocabulary
XII.   Be sure to enjoy your work
XIII.   Recognize the enormous value of the manual laborer
XIV.   Think in the benefit of the business more than in your own
XV.   Analyze over and above inspiration or intuition
XVI.   Be dedicated to work
XVII.   Be modest

To learn about the 17 principles of the Cuauhtémoc Ideology, please visit: