We contribute to generate sustainable communities.

G4-DMA, G4-EC7, G4-SO1

In 2016, we invested $357.3 million MXN (USD $17.3 million) in Our Community through various programs and initiatives distributed as follows:

Investment in Our Community:

Community Development
Sustainable Supply

Developing and maintaining relations that create mutual value for the communities where we operate is fundamental for the company’s Sustainability and for the pursuit of our mission. Companies like FEMSA, which interact in a variety of contexts and with a wide diversity of people, groups and institutions, are faced with the challenge of continuously improving our relationship and acting in an increasingly professional manner with them.

In Our Community Pillar, our work is focused on:

  • Healthy Lifestyles: We encourage physical activity and balanced nutrition habits to promote the integral well-being of our communities.
  • Community Development: we contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being of the communities neighboring our operations.
  • Sustainable Supply: we work to contribute to the improvement of the labor, social and environmental performance of our suppliers.

Healthy lifestyles G4-15
We promote active lifestyles and healthy nutrition in our communities.

In 2016, we implemented programs and took actions to strengthen healthy habits in our communities, including our employees, clients and consumers, contributing to improve their quality of life and encouraging a physical, mental and nutritional balance. Some examples of this initiatives are:

Latin American Commitment for a Healthy Future
In 2016, Coca-Cola FEMSA, together with companies from the beverage industry, launched this multisectoral coalition developed with the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation. Through the initiative, actions are implemented to empower children of school age and their families to make decisions in the integration of healthy habits into their lifestyle.

The FEMSA Collection is one of the most relevant internationally.

MARRCO is a tool that allows us to define a proactive strategy for each stakeholder, with the purpose of achieving the great goal of being an appreciated and valued neighbor by the community, contributing to its development and its positive transformation.”

Jaime Ríos
Director of Coca-Cola FEMSA Bottling Plant at Jundiaí, Brazil

This effort also includes a collaboration with Discovery en la Escuela for the promotion of the Juntos Contamos™ (Together we Count) online educational platform that has interactive tools to promote healthy habits.

In Mexico, the Latin American Commitment for a Healthy Future developed an alliance with MOVISA (Movement for a Healthy Life), while in Colombia it partnered with other bottlers to execute the program. In both countries, 114,100 people benefited through their content.

Time to Move
This program, conducted in collaboration with The Coca‑Cola Company and implemented in Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela promotes physical activation in students for 60 minutes a day. This is done through the training of teachers and the donation of sports kits. In 2016, more than 178,000 students and teachers participated in this initiative in all countries where it took place.

First MTB Business Circuit
In Querétaro, Mexico, the state of the country where all of our Business Units are present, through Imbera, PTM and Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico we implemented different activities to benefit the community, such as the First Mountain Bike MTB as a way to support sustainable transport. During 11.3 kilometers, 45 teams and 135 competitors participated.

Community Development G4-15, G4-SO1, G4-PR1 / GC VIII
We contribute to the economic, social and environmental welfare of the communities where we operate.

Aware of the importance of working on a local scope to improve the communities’ quality of life, we support initiatives and programs relating to art, culture and education, considering local characteristics.

Coordinates for Life
Since 2011, this program has helped strengthen the development of decision-making skills for more than 58,000 children and young people in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines and Mexico. To expand its scope, in 2016 we evolved towards a virtual platform, where the public has access to truthful and dynamic materials and information related to life skills and resilience, as well as the possibility of interaction with experts in these themes.

Cultural Programs
Art brings us closer to each other and helps us strengthen our ties with the countries where we operate. Through the FEMSA Collection, which contains more than 1,220 works of modern and contemporary Latin American art, we can make this possible. In 2016, an exhibit entitled Mexico: Fantastic Identity traveled to Panama and Costa Rica, attended by more than 28,000 visitors, while in Mexico, more than 67,000 people viewed 7 exhibits of the FEMSA Collection in the cities of Hermosillo, Querétaro, Monterrey, Guanajuato and Mexico City.

Since 1992, the FEMSA Biennial has stimulated and recognized artistic creation in Mexico.

We also held the XII FEMSA Biennial, a visual arts competition whose purpose is to recognize, strengthen, stimulate and disseminate artistic creation in Mexico. This past year, 42 works by 29 artists were selected for an exhibit at the Monterrey Center for Arts in Nuevo León. In addition to the contest, in this edition a Curatorial Program was held, which offered a space for artistic residencies and a public program. In its twelve editions, the FEMSA Biennial has counted on the participation of 28,033 registered works and 11,158 artists.

Time Bank
In Colombia, peace and the reintegration of populations demobilized by the armed conflict are important issues, therefore at Coca-Cola FEMSA in that country, our employees participate as volunteers in a training program through labor entrepreneurship workshops to strengthen the productive projects of persons demobilized for their reintegration into civilian life. This program, which was created in 2007, is implemented in four cities: Barranquilla, Ibagué, Cali and Valledupar. Through this and other initiatives such as Peace and Reconciliation Spaces and the Vive Bailando program, 353 people were supported in 2016.

Citizens’ Plaza
In Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil, together with local governments and other companies, we hold events to support and develop local communities close to work centers, offering advice on health, finance, personal and environmental care to more than 12,000 people in the cities of Moeda, Curitiba, Jundiaí, Sumaré and Mogi das Cruzes.

We promote the culture of recycling in our youth.

I Recycle
We encourage the culture of the recycling of PET in primary and secondary schools through the Coca-Cola FEMSA Mexico I Recycle initiative, with which we supported the collection of more than 800,000 kilograms of PET in 1,137 schools in the country. This amount is equivalent to the annual consumption of PET of more than 110,000 people in Mexico.

Edison Polygon Trust
This program encourages mutual engagement with the residents of eight neighborhoods near FEMSA Comercio’s headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico, helping to improve people’s quality of life. Thanks to cooperation between civil society and the public and private sectors, we moved forward on training and capacity-building among neighborhood networks that contribute solutions to the problems faced by communities. We were supported also by the involvement of young agents of change, who received training in life skills and civic values, as well as scholarships. In 2016, 106 scholarship students under the program studied high school and bachelor's degree.

OXXO Customers Round-Up Program
The OXXO Customer Round-Up Program begun in the year 2002, serves as a link between customers and local institutions, creating a circle of mutual support between them. Currently, the program operates in every state of Mexico through OXXO, Mi Súper Bara and Pharmacies. Through the participation of our employees, who invite customers to participate in donating and rounding up their total, in 2016, $98.3 million MXN (USD $4.7 million) were raised, benefiting 230 institutions.

In 2016, 230 institutions were benefited from the OXXO Customers Round-Up Program.

Food Program
The Food Program, created by FEMSA Comercio in 2010 to channel food, household items and health and hygiene products to people in vulnerable conditions, in 2016 were distributed more than $43.6 million MXN worth of goods (USD $2.1 million). The program is the result of a joint effort by the OXXO stores in Mexico with Distribution Centers, trans-shipping posts, food banks (Mexican Food Bank and three independent food banks), and civil associations dedicated to the recovery of food to address its lack among the population.

In 2016, 1,035 ecological clubs and 20,700 children and young people participated.

FEMSA Comercio Community Actions
Focused on three lines of action—public spaces, environment and sports promotion—at FEMSA Comercio we work together with our neighbors, nonprofit organizations and other stakeholders to positively transform the communities where we operate. Our Community Action Program is present at OXXO and Distribution Centers, OXXO GAS, and Mi Súper Bara in Mexico. In 2016, we invested $25.5 million MXN (USD $1.2 million) in 270 community actions.

OXXO Sustainability Prize
It has been awarded since 1986 by OXXO and the Ministries to pre-school, primary, secondary and special education schools that carry out activities in favor of the environment, community service and values. In 2016, 1,035 ecological clubs participated with 20,700 children and young people in the cities of Monterrey, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Mexicali and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico, with an investment of $2.1 million MXN (USD $101,000).

Sustainable products and services PR1
In addition to local actions and programs, we contribute to improving the conditions of our communities by offering sustainable products and services. For example, this year at FEMSA Comercio in Mexico we worked to improve the packaging of products such as bottled water from our own brands, to make them more environmentally friendly. In addition, we have started offering products of our own brand basic basket to favor customers with lower prices.

Moreover, at Coca-Cola FEMSA we offer a wide portfolio of products from The Coca-Cola Company with options in multiple categories, packages and portions, suitable to hydrate our consumers. Currently, 36% of our brand portfolio corresponds to low or no calorie drinks, while more than 35% has vitamins, fibers, minerals or nutritional supplements. PR1

Sustainable supply
G4-LA14, / GC I, II, IV, V, VIII
We helped improve our suppliers’ labor, social and environmental performance.

We consider our suppliers to be essential to the sustainability of our business, which is why we are interested in helping them improve their labor, social and environmental performance.

In FEMSA and its Business Units, we have a network of more than 68,000 suppliers of goods and services, which in 2016 channeled a total of $194,315 million MXN (USD $9,424 million) to the productive sector. To guarantee that the companies and individuals who supply our company with products and services operate based on responsible business policies, principles and practices, we have Supplier Guiding Principles, which include matters such as labor rights, environment, community, ethics and values. These principles were designed based on international standards like the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the United Nations Global Compact. In 2016, we continued to work on ensuring our suppliers are informed about and abide by these principles.

Currently, 36% of Coca-Cola FEMSA brand portfolio corresponds to low or no calorie drinks.

Supplier Guiding Principles

Labor rights Child labor
Compulsory labor and freedom of movement
Freedom of association and collective bargaining
Discrimination and harassment
Work hours and compensation
Health and safety in the workplace
Reporting mechanisms
Environment Environmental impacts and compliance
Community Community development
Ethics and values Compliance with the law
Fiscal integrity
Money laundering
Fair competition
Conflicts of interest
Privacy and intellectual property
We contribute to improving the performance of our suppliers.

At FEMSA, we partner with our suppliers to continue training and improving processes. At Coca-Cola FEMSA, we support through the Sustainable Supply System the development of suppliers, promoting self-management and evaluation, generation of business plans, capacity-building in marketing, finance and human resources, among other topics.

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Relations SO1

In 2015 we developed the Model for Addressing Risks and Relations with the Community (MARRCO) through which we strive for more effective community relations, building with them dialogue, commitment, trust and cooperation, as well as identifying the risks and opportunities of value creation in the communities. The model also contributes to the identification of how we can optimize the actions and programs that are already implemented to maximize their mutual value.

The MARRCO program supports the development of capabilities through multi-disciplinary teams in the workplace—plants as well as distribution centers. In 2016, as part of the first phase of this model’s implementation, we set up teams in 23 work centers at Coca-Cola FEMSA, FEMSA Logística, Imbera and PTM in 7 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.

In 2017, we will continue to work on integrating MARRCO into the processes, systems and work culture of each Business Unit. We also intend to expand its coverage and will begin developing an online training tool.